The Wian are a species of elk-like creatures. They have pure-white, they also have large antlers unlike females. Their whole eyes are an emerald colour, even their sclera, at the tip of their muzzles, on the upper part where the nostrils are located, is coloured black. The mystic Wian are friendly and helpful to other animals, unless, of course, they are their predators. Their mating season arrives at Spring. They are pure herbivores, they fancy sweet berries and juicy grass mostly. Male Wians have darker hooves than females, and larger hooves, they also have more fur on their chests then the opposite sex. They have glowing emerald eyes and a black snout. Elder Wian develop leaves all over their body. The Wian have a special ability- talking, the elders speak very little, but their words are wise... Their life span is 500-1000 years, quite a lot. 'Wian' means 'Knowledge' in the Skyan language.